Zach Cranor Creates Comics That are a Little Bizzare

According to professionals, you should start your day doing something positive and good for your health. Like, for example, exercise, make a smoothie, watch your favorite YouTube channel, or read your favorite comic. But what if you haven’t found your favorite artist? Well, we are here for the rescue!

Meet Zach Cranor, the creative mastermind behind the Last Place Comics, which are short, funny stories you will like. He says that there is a small number of comics that don’t contain a panel in which at least one person is crying, shrieking, or nervously sweating.

“The theme of it all, in so much as there is one, is a failure,” Cranor shared to Bored Panda and added: “Not in a depressing way, mind you. It isn’t easy to take anything that’s happening in these too seriously.”

You can find his work on his social media accounts, where he posts his hilarious artwork. Currently, he has over 6,000 Instagram followers, but we are sure the numbers will keep going up.

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