André Schulze Restores Still Life Paintings of Flowers By Giving Them a Unique Twist

André Schulze is a German artist who is known for his practice of repurposing old and vintage paintings in a unique way. He first restores these paintings to their former glory and then paints over them, creating a completely new artwork.

Recently, Schulze has been restoring still-life paintings of flowers by adding a pixelated touch to them. By doing so, he is bringing together a form of art that has been around for centuries with a modern digital world.

The draw of Schulze’s still life paintings is that they obscure the subject but still allow the viewer to appreciate its beauty. The colors and the shapes are still there; they are just not so obvious anymore, and you need to look past the blurriness.

According to Schulze, most of the paintings he works on are obtained from thrift and antique stores.

“The paintings I am working on are mostly from amateur painters or self-thought artists from the early 20th century. Many of the paintings are copies of masterworks made just to study the style or for commissions,” he explained in a recent interview with My Art is Real Magazine.

You can check out more of his intriguing works below.