Check Out These Captivating Cat Artworks Made With Ink and Watercolor

Endre Penovac is an internationally-recognized artist based in Serbia. While Penovac’s artworks cover a number of subjects, he is best known for his cat artworks done with a wet-on-wet technique using watercolors and ink.

Penovac’s paintings have a captivating simplicity to them. The artist starts with a splash of ink or watercolor and then adds just a few notable features like whiskers, eyes, and ears. By doing so, he encourages viewers to observe the cats in all of their grace without focusing too much on details.

According to Penovac, he wasn’t always a big cat person until his kids brought a small kitten home, and it ended up growing into a beautiful black cat named Bossi. One day, he decided to make a watercolor painting of the cat and has been painting felines ever since.

“The cat’s soft fur, the graceful movements, and the flow of ink complement each other – you could say they are made for each other. It opened up a new world for me,“ Penovac explained in an interview with KatKin.

Penovac’s cat artworks have become quite sought-after in years since, making their way into private art collections all across the world. The artist also sells prints of his paintings while frequently sharing them on social media as well. Check out more of them below.