Vanessa Barragao Crafts Textile Installations Inspired By Shapes of Nature

Vanessa Barragao is a Portuguese artist who crafts intriguing textile artworks inspired by the shapes of nature. She replicates flora, coral reefs, and various other nature forms in colorful fiber and displays them in the form of expansive textile installations.

Barragao initially got her degree in fashion design and worked in the field for six years. During that time, she realized that she wanted to learn more about textiles and explore handcrafts rather than continue pursuing a career in traditional fashion.

Her artistic journey led her to work as a textile designer in an artisanal rugs factory and take on various textile-related projects that piqued her interest. Then in 2020, she decided to open her own studio and focus on making her inspiring textile installations.

“I now feel that I can not only be more connected with myself but also be closer to the environment that inspires me and to the people I love, my family,” she explains.

Barragao mostly uses recycled yarns in an effort to send an ecological message and highlight the negative effect human activity has on the environment. Her works have been displayed in art galleries across the world, including Portugal, France, the United States, and the UK. The artist also frequently shares them on social media. Check out some of her creations below.