Artist Incorporates Everyday Items to Create Intriguing Art

Diego Cusano is an Italian artist who is famous for incorporating everyday items into his illustrations to create intriguing art. The appeal of these pieces is that the viewer needs to rely on his imagination in order to fully comprehend the intention of the artist. Cusano makes this quite easy with the perfect placement of the items inside the illustration. A tape measure becomes a giraffe, a sea shell dubs as a wavy skirt, while a single popcorn represents the fluffy coat of a sheep.

 Cusano refers to himself as a “Fantasy Researcher” who “turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, climbs over the border between reality and fantasy inviting to smile and to free the imagination, wherever and ever.” And it takes just one look at his works to realize this is quite a fitting description.

Cusano’s intriguing combinations of everyday items and illustrations have brought him significant popularity on social media, with his Instagram profile boosting an impressive following of 300K users. Additionally, his talent was recognized by various Italian and international companies, such as the pasta brand Barilla and the toymaker LEGO, who recruited him for their marketing campaigns.

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