4-Year-Old Girl Skates Like a Pro

Although many people consider skateboarding to be a “boy’s thing”, girls enjoy hopping on a four-wheeled-board as well, including a four-year-old girl named Autumn Bailey from Brighton, UK. Her mom explained in an interview for Girl Skate UK that her little girl has been skateboarding since she was a one-year-old toddler. She now has almost 65,000 Instagram admirers who are following her progress.

She often wears a pink tutu while riding her skateboard and it is the most adorable thing you will ever see. She is super-comfortable with her moves. However, even though she has learned how to fall on her knees, she still wears pads and a helmet to be safe.

The adorable, blond-haired girl is an attraction both on social media and in the skate park. However, she sometimes gets frustrated with herself, but her mom is there to support her anytime.

“I don’t really get scared for her. I think people don’t always get that we build-up to the big things really carefully, and I have absolute trust in her ability and that she knows how to land,” her mom Tara explained.

Scroll down and check out Autumn in action.