These Snails are Living Their Best Life

Let us be honest we have never thought that snails could be pets, let alone to live in their miniature world built by a Chicago-based artistic duo Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland.

Cozy apartments, cafés, shops, romantic bedrooms, and chapels are just some of the items they create from stuff they find. When Copeland found the snails at his parents’ house, he never thought that he and Murawski would go so far with their project: they are even ready to publish their new book titled Snail World: Life in the Slimelight. 

“We are so thrilled to have this book house so many of the rooms and scenes we have built for our snails (and Froggo) over the years,” Murawski shared on her Instagram account and added that she is thankful for each supporter who has been following their adventure.

Have a sneak-peek at their Instagram account, where they have been sharing images of snails’ inhabitants for the past five years. Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram!