Musician’s Depression Resulted in a Compelling Album

Argentina-based musician, Nico Tallac, had a major depressive episode which resulted in a music album.

In September 2017, the artist had an episode where he got disconnected from reality, and his professional and social life suddenly came to a halt. To help treat his depression he decided to fulfill his childhood dream and make his own studio album.

“I wanted to be great, recorded at the best studios I knew, but I brought no equipment with me, so all I had were a Spanish, and an electric guitar that were around, a laptop, and a mobile phone,” Tallac shared. “It took me a while to accept that my first album wasn’t what I always dreamt that it would be; but, hey, in the end, it was an album.”

His first album is called Albañilería Fontanería Electricidad, which translates into Masonry Plumbing Electricity and includes 9 songs.