With a Few Easy Steps, You Too Could Become a Painter!

Bethany Stahl is a Florida-born and raised, full-time artist who decided to make tutorials to help spread her creative ideas. According to her website, Bethany grew up surrounded by the beach and was inspired by the beauty around her.

“After graduating with her Associates in Arts from the University of South Florida, and receiving her Bachelors of Science in Biology with a minor in American Sign Language, Bethany decided to take her education and inspire others through art,” her website claims. “She achieves this by incorporating her knowledge to pass messages of protecting Earth, and acting with love and respect into her work.”

Since 2016 she’s been living in Knoxville, Tennessee, and heavily influenced by the flora, fauna, and history of her city. On her YouTube channel, Bethany shares easy to follow painting tutorials that you will surely adore.

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