The House of Mirrors Hidden in the Swiss Mountains

Los Angeles based artist, Doug Aitken installed a structure that is made out of mirrored surfaces. These surfaces reflect the skies, mountains, and trees. The project is titled Mirage Gstaad, as it was installed in the mountain town of Gstaad in Switzerland.

The ranch-style structure highlights the landscape covered in snow while also disappearing into the immediate environment. The structure also has angled ceilings and walls that bounce light with ease, and this creates the kaleidoscopic view of the region’s mountain peaks when it’s seen from within.

All the materials used to create the structure were locally bought and transported by trucks. The installation took place last autumn. The location was chosen by the local authorities with a thought of promoting a sustainable environment.

Aitken has several other projects of similar magnitude, and you can check out his Instagram page to find out more.