Move Over! The Cat Masseuse Is Here

This is the cutest thing you will see today, granted. This video features two cats that are the best of friends. The two show each other some love by offering a gentle massage. This act is known as kneading, and it’s actually instinctive to cats.

As kittens, they knead their mothers to help stimulate the production of milk. But as they age, it is used as a sign of security and comfort. If you ever see cats kneading, it means they are happy and are enjoying the company of the people around.

When cats live together, they massage and groom each other. This is normal behavior. The cats in the video seem so relaxed and peaceful. They must spend a lot of time together as well. Cats also knead their owners but it could be painful sometimes.

Do you know of cats with such experienced techniques in massaging? Let us know in the comment section!