This Artist Invites Strangers to Fairy-Inspired Parties

You might have heard about misswodersmith, a young woman who loves throwing fairy-tale-looking parties to strangers in the Pacific Northwest.

She takes her inspiration from nature, and her meals are made using healthy ingredients only.

“I love connecting to my landscape through foraging; identifying and sustainably harvesting wild plants to use in my recipes,” Misswodersmith shared. “My passion in life is sharing the wonder with others, whether that’s posting my recipes, writing about the legends and lore that inspires them, or throwing parties for total strangers (who stumble upon invitations hidden in public places.)”

Scroll down and check out her beautiful catering below.

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This Stinging Nettle Moss Cake is one of my all-time favorite recipes. I love that it is naturally bright green due to the addition of cooked stinging nettle (which also lends lots of good nutrients to the cake as well.) Despite its green color, this cake doesn't taste like a salad – instead it tastes light and citrusy, with rich grapefruit-spruce buttercream. Yum. (And besides, it's incredibly easy to decorate.) It's my ode to the concept of "Moss Gazing," my Pacific Northwest take on the Japanese tradition of "Hanami," or "tree-blossom observing." Instead of reminding us of the frailty of life through ethereal blooms, moss reminds us of the constancy of life. If you're having trouble seeing the big picture, just look closer. I'm also really pleased to announce that this recipe and some of my other work are in the latest issue of @faeriemagazine, which is filled with Tolkien-esque magic from Hobbit Breakfasts to Elegant Elves. Pick up a copy today at your local bookstore. 🙂 You can also get the recipe for this stunning cake on my blog, (link in profile.) I hope you are able to take some time this week to focus on the intricacies that fill you with wonder, from the sight of dewdrops on moss stalks to the flavor of something fresh and green. . ✨✨✨ . #faeriemagazine #wildfoodlove #fairy #faerie #magic #thewondersmith #misswondersmith #stingingnettle #magicfood #kitchenmagic #spring #moss #mossy #elven #elf #picnic #foraged #wildfood

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