Your Next Tattoo? Jessica Knapik’s AstroFrecks Are All The Hype

Not all of us are prepared to tattoo our faces just yet. But when a face tattoo is combined with permanent makeup and astrology, we have to admit we’re intrigued.

Michigan-based tattoo artist Jessica Knapik took the fake freckle trend one step further when she introduced what she calls AstroFrecks, giving a secret meaning to the seemingly random spots on your face. Knapik draws constellations on her clients’ faces with a marker, then injects the freckles wherever there’s a star. The freckles fade over time, and Knapik has different colored ink that can be used to match any skin tone.

“AstroFrecks is a fun technique I created to add a secret personal connection within faux freckle tattoos,” she told the Zensa blog. “A client can use their own zodiac constellation, or their Moms, Dads, dogs… anyone they want. After I lay down the structured constellation, I then go back in and do random frecks in other areas, so the constellation is hidden in plain sight on their face. They know where it is, but someone on the street would never notice.”

“I’ve done quite a few in the chest and shoulder area as well. And it doesn’t have to be specifically zodiac constellations either, I’ve had clients do other constellations they love or feel a connection to.”

“AstroFrecks just kind of came to me,” she admitted. “A way for people to make the experience more magical and personal, while keeping with my interests.” Onboard yet?