These Sculptures Are Made With Scrap Metal

Australian artist Jordan Sprigg is on a mission to repurpose scrap metal and give it a new life. Sprigg uses parts of retired machinery, metalwork leftovers, and metal items he gets his hands on through clearance sales to create astonishing sculptures.

While creating his sculptures, Sprigg doesn’t polish the metal and instead incorporates them in their original condition. This gives his works a steam-punk feel while also serving as a testament to the history of the material.

“The scrap iron sculptures are purposely left in their rusted state to highlight the age of the metal and the history of each piece,” it says on the artist’s website.

Sprigg started making metal sculptures after taking a break during his last year of studies and visiting his parents’ farm in Western Australia. Being always interested in art and fascinated by the animal world, he decided to use leftover metal from the family shed to make a pair of kangaroos.

Inspired by a successful project, Sprigg continued making animal sculptures out of metal, with his appetites becoming bigger and the word about his works quickly spreading. He was soon creating complex and large-scale sculptures, including a seven-foot-tall rhino and 10.5-foot-tall horse, which found their home in public spaces across Australia.

Check out more of Sprigg’s works below.