Hossein Behzadi Creates Amazing Relief Art Featuring Angels

Angels have always been a popular theme in art, being attributed a beautiful appearance and awe-inspiring attributes. This theme has also been a source of inspiration for artist Hossein Behzadi, who is making angels the main subject of his amazing relief art.

Relief art is a method of sculpting that sees the artist create pieces that are attached to a solid background, which usually consists of the same material. This gives sculptures a special effect in which they appear to emerge from the background they are attached to.

Behzadi usually creates his relief art on walls. Showcasing his creative process on social media, Behzadi can be seen applying plaster to the wall and creating a basic outline of an angel with spread wings and flowing hair. Then, he proceeds to carve out the final details before sanding the sculpture to give it its final appearance.

While the depiction of angels represents most of Behzadi’s creative output, the artist also creates relief art featuring other designs. This includes motifs from nature like feathers, leaves, and flowers.

Behzadi frequently shares his newest works on his Instagram page while also posting reels that give insight into his creative process. You can check out more of his relief art below.