Japanese Artist Shares Amazing Moving Illustrations

We have witnessed some amazing paper art in the past, but the one created by a Japanese artist known as Shinrashinge is at the next level. Shinrashinge uses paper to create moving illustrations, and each one is more impressive than the previous one.

Shinrashinge creates their works in a manner similar to that of “pop-up” animated books. Pulling and pressing cleverly placed paper tabs, the artist manages to transform an illustration into a moving scene that unfolds in a captivating way.

For example, in one of their moving illustrations, Shinrashinge transforms a cute puppy into two distinctive anime characters while also adding “magical effects”.

Shinrashinge also uses moving illustrations to “tell” entire stories, creating something of a paper movie. One of them is a story about a young girl who dreams of becoming a famous singer. It unfolds in two versions using the same moving illustrations. When flipped forward, the illustrations show how the girl has her dreams crushed but when flipped backward, it chronicles her path towards success and inspiration.

Shinrashinge shares their moving illustrations on social media. Their Instagram profile has 326K followers, and the number is growing by day. Continue scrolling to check out more of their works.