Adam Douglas Thompson’s Simplistic Comics are Hilarious

The simplest jokes are often the best ones. The works of artist and designer Adam Douglas Thompson are a great example of that.

Thompson, who is perhaps best known for his contributions to the Daily Cartoons section at The New Yorker, creates simplistic comics that go straight to the point and are hilarious. Most of Thompson’s comics are black and white, feature minimalistic drawings, and just one line of text. But that is more than enough for him to deliver his social media followers plenty of laughs.

In order for simplistic comics to work, they have to start with a great idea. For Thompson, finding those ideas isn’t a process set in stone. He employs all sorts of techniques, including meditation and looking through “random” images and words until he finds something that piques his interest.

“I keep a note on my phone of thousands of fragments of ideas, and another note where I polish those fragments into fully-fledged ideas,” he shared in a recent chat with Bored Panda. “I find that you really can’t force ideas – you have to just spend a lot of time in a deliberately receptive state of mind, and allow them to come.”

If you want to check more of Thompson’s works and have a few chuckles, continue scrolling.