Alison Altafi Creates Captivating Abstract Fiber Art

Alison Altafi is a Syracuse, New York, native who describes herself as a nontraditional fiber artist. And you need only one glance at her works to see why.

Altafi’s fiber art is nontraditional in many ways. For starters, it features abstract designs that are full of all sorts of colors, bold textures, and unusual formations. Also, the artist creates most of her works in round shapes, giving them an added visual appeal.

According to Altafi, her creative process is based on intuition, and she lets inspiration of the moment, as well as fibers and colors, lead the way. This results in unique pieces that she refers to as “portals to other worlds” and have the goal of allowing the viewer to use them as an escape from everyday stress.

“I find the cyclical nature of round weaving to be very cathartic and meditative. I create art that feels magical, otherworldly and fantastical- art that I myself can escape into. I’ve had my work referred to as “portals” to other worlds, and I love imagining them in that way,” the artist shares on her website.

Altafi shares her newest works and provides insight into their creation through social media. Scroll down to check out more of her “portals”.