These Large-Scale Paintings Look Like Colorful Topographies

Dylan Gebbia-Richards is known for his 3D, multicolored paintings with rich, colorful textures that pop out from the canvas. His artistic process is based on merging broad experimentation and focused skilled refinement, a practice that was drawn by his scientific background.

He uses colored pigment and droplets of melted wax that, when applied, produce messy patterns that look like they’ve been created by a volcanic eruption. Gebbia-Richards constantly experiments his medium by mixing colors and shapes on canvas  to improve his art. “My painting process is evolutionary. Each new step is informed by the net result of all the previous ones,” the Colorado-based artist told My Modern Met.

Gebbia-Richards draws inspiration from the enormity of the natural world, capturing moments of luminescence he perceives in his surroundings. “Through illusion, I attempt to capture lights ephemeral qualities in the landscape of my paintings.”

His paintings vary in size, but all of his art pieces engulf the viewers in his dreamlike worlds.

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