Artist Creates Mouthwatering (and Pretty) Pancakes

Dancakes is a group of talented professional pancake artists available for hire at any event, anywhere. They have a wide range of various formats, styles, color packages, and even dietary restrictions. They create portraits and designs made of 100% edible pancake batter. They also create video content for popular brands and social media stars.

Daniel Drake is the man behind Dancakes. The idea for pancake art came about when he saw his co-workers at a diner create Mickey Mouse ear dollops on their pancakes to make their customers happy. That’s when he realized that pancakes don’t need to be round and that any shape you draw on the griddle will cook solid and hold form.

β€œAfter learning some layering and design tricks (thanks Tracy), all of a sudden a photo collage of me making themed pancakes and silly faces (thanks Brent) went viral,” he wrote on their website.

Today, the company has grown so much that it now has multiple full-time professional pancake artists. They have strong social media followers and they travel around the world to serve their incredible pancake art. Check them out below!