Holly St. Clair Cleverly Interprets the Alphabet

The artistic project 36 Days of Type invites various artists to share their creative interpretations of numbers and letters from the alphabet.

London-based illustrator Holly St. Clair gladly took this challenge and created witty illustrations of the different characters. “I love using this challenge to break up my style a bit, try something different,” she wrote on Instagram. From A for Anxiety to number 9 for nine lives, the artist’s wide imagination is reflected in each drawing.

St. Clair is a graduate from Camberwell College of Arts, where she studied illustration. But her artistic passion started at a much earlier age. “I got really into anime and manga when I was about ten. That introduced me to the idea of comics and arts as a career,” she told It’s Nice That. “It’s what I always secretly wanted to do, but I went to a very academic grammar school. You either became a lawyer, engineer, or doctor. Luckily, my parents saved me and persuaded me to pursue art.”