These Breathtaking Corals are Actually Made from Textiles

Aude Bourgine is a French visual artist whose work is promoted by her love for the environment. She uses textiles, sequins, and beads in this process. This talented artist creates displays that highlight the fragility and beauty of corals. Her project began as a series called “Poumons des océans,” translated as “Lungs of the Oceans.”

The intricate sculptures mimic the textures, unique shapes and vivid colors of corals. They are then covered with glass bell jars, that communicate to viewers how they should be isolated in order to prevent them from harm caused by humans.

Bourgine believes that changes have to be made in the ways we treat the environment. If not, life underwater could die out completly by the next thirty years.

This is a noble cause that brings art and environmental conservation together for the greater good. See some of her art below.

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