This Self-Taught Artist Makes Illustrating Look Like a Piece of Cake

Gal Shir is a self-taught artist living in Israel. He makes creative art for a number of brands and has a massive following on social media: around 330,000 people follow him on Instagram and more than 160,000 on Youtube.

“Shir started working as a freelance designer from his parents’ basement at the age of 16, and his career took a flight after he moved to Tel Aviv,” his website claims. “There he worked with several creative studios, with Promo and other startups. For the past 3 years, Gal is leading the design at Lemonade, making home insurance a better experience. In addition, Gal is consulting and helping entrepreneurs establishing design thinking. He has given talks and workshops for companies and institutes such as Bezalel Academy.”

Scroll down to see his work.