Engineer from India Travels the World and Photographs Food on His Yellow Plate

Image by @myyellowplate / Instagram

To set yourself apart in the see of Instagram food bloggers, you need a unique idea. Ideally, that’s something that will make your photos look distinctly different from the others, and this guy from India was lucky enough to have it happen by accident.

“My Yellow Plate was not intentional. I never planned that I would pick up a yellow plate and go out looking for food,” says Himanshu Sehgal, an engineer from Delhi. “One fine day in 2015, my mom served me Rajma Chawal on this yellow plate. No one knows where it came from, it was just there in the kitchen. I remember taking a picture of it and sharing it on my personal Instagram profile.”

“It wasn’t a great shot but it still clicked with the viewers, getting several likes and comments from friends and family,” he continues his story. “This was probably because most Indian households use either steel thalis or pastel-colored crockery and a bright yellow plate was conspicuous. Intrigued, I decided to carry the yellow plate along with me while traveling. Every time I would eat on it, I would share it with people and let them know what’s on my yellow plate.”

Below are his photos.

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WHEN IN DELHI. @myyellowplate . Ab Saket gaye aur Champa Gali nahi gaye…to kahi nahi gaye. . What's on my yellow plate? Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake from Jugmug Thela, Champa Gali. Champa Gali, as the locals call it, is the newly discovered street in the area that has become a preferred destination for start-ups, which are an assortment of art, culture, literature and music. . Kuldeep Singh (also known as Tau), a bus contractor and driver, was approached by a lot of entrepreneurs, all wanting to rent a piece of land he and his brothers own in Village Saidulajab in Saket. Khasra Number 258 – The Land which had cow shades and furniture shops, is now a fairy-lit lane Parsian Passageway with cafes, reading rooms, handicraft shops and design studios. The passageway is called Champa Gali, and do not be surprised if you have not heard of it. Even locals haven’t. Auto drivers will gawk at you if you mention Champa Gali– the Capital’s best kept secret. . This hidden place is perfect to chill with friends, read books or spend some time with your special one. Just grab a coffee, take a seat and chill for as long as you want and no one is going to bother. . Places you can visit in Champa Gali : Jugmug Thela (Tea Stall), Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, Jugaad (Handicraft Shop), People Tree (Design Studio) and PHO King Awesome (Cafe). . How to Reach Champa Gali? Get down at Saket Metro Station and walk towards Saidulajaib Village, just opposite to Rose Cafe. . Follow my adventures @myyellowplate #MyYellowPlate #NewDelhi

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