Taku Inoue Crafts Figurines Inspired By the Classic Cartoon “Tom and Jerry”

Tom and Jerry has to be one of the most beloved cartoons ever. Generations of kids have enjoyed watching the humorous adventures of the iconic cat-and-mouse duo, and plenty of adults still like to return to it and catch an episode or two.

Inspired by Tom and Jerry’s longevity and its impact on pop culture, Japanese artist Taku Inoue started creating figurines inspired by the funniest and most memorable scenes from the cartoon. His pieces are so exceptional and detailed that you get a sense of watching the cartoon in 3D.

According to Inoue, he enjoyed watching Tom and Jerry when he was a kid and rediscovered the cartoon’s appeal while re-watching it with his kids. After he realized that there weren’t many quality toys and collectibles inspired by Tom and Jerry out there, he decided to make some by himself. 

“As someone who collects videos, books, and dolls from favorite works, I couldn’t help but want merchandise while sharing scenes of hearty laughter with my child,” he shared in a recent chat with Bored Panda. “If they aren’t available for purchase, I decided to create them myself and build a collection.”

Inoue’s works have been quite popular among social media users, amassing more than 50K followers on Instagram. Check more of them below.