Watch The Entire History of Earth in This Impressive 60-Minute Animated Movie

The Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. However, it can often be hard to really comprehend that amount of time and understand how much it took for our planet to look the way it does now.

Thankfully, the team behind the YouTube channel Kurzgesagt decided to help us put things into perspective with an impressive animated movie they recently shared on the streaming service.

The movie sums up the entire history of Earth in just 60 minutes, with each minute representing 1.5 million years. It takes the viewer on an exciting visual journey through the evolution of the planet while offering context for certain periods and important events. There is also pleasing music in the background to make the scenes even more enticing.

After watching this video, you will truly understand just how recently humans as a species came to Earth.

“Hop on a musical train ride and experience how long a billion years really is. It’s the perfect background for your next party, a great way to take a break from studying, or a fascinating companion while you’re on the go,“ Kurzgesagt team wrote in the description of the video.