Jocelin Carmes’ Illustrations Walk the Fine Line Between Spooky and Sublime

If you’re always in the mood to discover new concept artists who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries, Jocelin Carmes will be your cup of tea. His illustrations are a study in contradictions, and they manage to be beautiful and spooky at the same time, perfectly capturing the complexity of the modern world.

This visual development and concept artist is based in Marseille, France, and his works of art are transporting his 240,000 Instagram followers to new worlds every day. Carmes’ inspiration comes from many different places, and they’re often science fiction-based, while still staying rooted in reality.

Even when he’s taking us to futuristic wastelands and depicting scenes that are straight out of this world, there’s still something incredibly raw and human about his work. He enjoys focusing on lone characters because they help him portray scale and proportion and convey the sense of nostalgia that his illustrations wouldn’t be the same without.

“I visualize the scene, in particular when I’m doing research on the subject, prior to working on the illustration. I want people who look at my work to imagine themselves in the setting. A lot of my inspiration comes from the cinema, from photography, and from other artists,” Carmes told Ariane Group.