Palorex Brings Back Extinct Animals “Back to Life” With His Hyperrealistic Illustrations

Earth has seen countless animal species roam its grounds and oceans, but for various reasons, most of them are no longer around. Still, thanks to science and some talented artists, we have a pretty good idea of how they looked.

Paleorex is an artist who focuses on hyperrealistic illustrations of extinct animals, including dinosaurs, prehistoric birds, and sea monsters. Their works are incredibly detailed, incorporating everything about a particular animal that the paleontologists discovered during their research.

The anonymous artist regularly shares their newest works on Instagram alongside a detailed description of the particular animal. They also offer paleoart-related prints, bookmarks, and other items on Etsy.

Paleorex’s Etsy shop bio reveals that the person behind these amazing illustrations was passionate about nature and paleontology since early childhood, thanks to the docu-series “Walking with Dinosaurs.” This fascination never disappeared, and it only grew as the artist found their way into the world of paleoart.

“Through his extremely realistic illustrations, he aims to offer people a powerful and immediate way to connect with the deep history of life on our planet,” the bio explains.

To check out more of Paleorex art, visit their social media or continue scrolling down to see some of our favorite depictions of extinct animals.