Maria Skog Started Crocheting Food as a Way of Coping with Serious Illness

Maria Skog became a true Instagram sensation once she started crocheting food, but her colorful creations come with a bleak backstory. The Finish fiber artist used her amazing crochet creations as a coping mechanism while dealing with a serious illness.

Skog is based in Närpes, Finland and she started crocheting her vibrant fruits and veggies when she was diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago. Those days are long behind her, and she managed to recover, but she wanted to leave her crochet behind as a lasting memory for her daughters.

“If I wouldn’t survive, I wanted the girls to have living memories of me, and I thought that they would remember us playing together with the food I crocheted myself,” Skog told Colossal.

Skog is now sharing her work with the world on her Instagram page @virkase, followed by over 50,000 people. Her crochet foods can never go bad, and they take shape of all our favorite tasty dishes.

From avocado toast and bagels to waffles and oatmeal, no food is off-limits for this creative crochet artist. Skog also has a special talent for skillfully arranging all the ingredients together and making picture-perfect food displays that look just as tasty as the real thing.