Werner Bronkhorst is Creating Amazing Canvases Inspired by Winter Sports

If you have a special place in your heart for winter sports, Werner Bronkhorst is about to become your favorite new artist. He specializes in making textured canvases that feature miniature figures skiing and snowboarding between the brushstrokes.

Before finding viral success on Instagram with 150,000 followers and counting, Bronkhorst spent some time working as a carpenter. Furniture craftsmanship is still one of his biggest passions, and he enjoys transforming leftover building materials into works of art.

Bronkhorst is a firm believer that “the whole world is a canvas, we’re just walking in it”, and his works of art perfectly reflect this guiding principle. Tiny figures are often skiing or snowboarding their way through his canvas, giving them a special charm.

Bronkhorst started exploring this theme with his White Stripes collection, and his fascination with winter sport-inspired canvases continued with The Strokes. He’s currently experimenting with new themes, putting water sports front and center.

To make his works of art come to life, Bronkhorst uses heavily textured canvases as the foundation. He believes they’re perfect for adding tiny figures because they inevitably look like a landscape, making it easier for him to showcase mini skiers, snowboarders, and hikers in a white world of their own.