Mayumi Fukuda’s Paper Jewelry is Taking Origami to the Next Level

If you think that origami and fashion simply don’t mix together, Mayumi Fukuda is here to prove you wrong. She’s putting a fun twist on the ancient Japanese art of paper folding by making colorful artisanal jewelry with folded paper.

Fukuda was born in São Paulo, Brazil and life took her to many different places before she found her true calling. She’s currently based in Leipzig, Germany, but she actually discovered her love for paper art during her time in Portugal.

“In Lisbon, she found in jewelry the perfect path to combine her passion for manual work with the subtlety of Oriental aesthetics present in all her pieces. Paper revealed itself as the main material and the artist explores in a unique direction its lightness and volume through different techniques,” reads Fukuda’s Etsy page.

Before turning to making paper art jewelry and filming her own course for Domestica, Fukuda graduated in public relations and spent ten years working in cinema and television.

She wanted her jewelry to break away from the common practice of using metal, and showcase paper as a truly precious material. Her creations are delicate and eco-friendly, and they’ll win you over with a delicate splash of colors.