Artist Paints Celebrity Portraits on Vinyl Records

Daniel Edlen is a talented artist who paints celebrity portraits on old vinyl records. His highly-detailed and intriguing works appeal to both record collectors and art enthusiasts.

A record collector himself, Edlen started painting on vinyl in the ‘90s. He would use discarded and unwanted records that got a new purpose thanks to his creativity. At first, it was a creative outlet for Edlen, but he soon figured there was a market for his works.

In the mid-2000s, Edlen started offering his works for sale and was positively surprised by the demand. He discovered that people liked his works very much and wanted to own something you don’t get to see every day.

Nowadays, Edlen’s main focus is portraits of celebrities like actors and musicians on vinyl. He makes his best effort not to use records that still have some life in them and prefers to paint on those that are damaged or worn out. He finds them in antique and record shops, while in some cases, his customers provide the “canvas” themselves. 

“I create these pieces to celebrate the object and the subject, to pay tribute to the cultural contribution of the music, and to spark conversation and questions,“ the artist shares on his website.