Owner Sings Song to Thank Frontline Workers and His Husky Joins In

Tate Hegstrom, a health care worker, has seen firsthand the impact the coronavirus has had on frontline workers and he wanted to thank them for all the hard work they’ve been doing. In addition to working in the health care field, Hegstrom loves singing and so does his husky, Kovu.

Hegstrom told The Dodo that Kovo has been singing since he was a puppy and started howling. “Kovu certainly has a personality — he is sassy, loving, caring and definitely vocal. His voice allows him to show so many different emotions depending on his mood.” 

Whenever he starts playing his guitar, the husky joins in. To cheer frontline workers up and raise their spirits, Hegstrom decided to dedicate a song to them and Kovu jumped in at the opportunity to sing along! They sang “Lean on Me,” with Kovu howling along to the song.

“During a time when being physically together as a community is difficult, people resort to finding community online,” Hegstrom said. “I think during this time, a video with a cute puppy who can sing a song with an uplifting message is something people needed, and it’s given people a smile.” 

If you want to put a smile on your face, you have to check out the video of them singing the song as well as duo singing “I’m Yours.”

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🎶I’m Yours (and feeling VERY vocal this morning)🎶

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