Self-Taught Baker Turns Failed Attempt in the Kitchen into an Art Project

Macaroons are known for their super fun and scrumptious colors, but the Swiss baker, Kim-Delia Keller, takes this dessert to a whole new whimsical level! While some of them might seem a bit dark and twisty, others are incredibly vibrant and cheerful. But the most fascinating part is that she’s gone from zero to hero with her baking skills in less than two years!

Kim-Delia Keller started baking cakes at her home in Switzerland back in January 2019. She is already known for making visually elegant cakes, but the amount of intricate details she’s put into her new project of animated macaroons has truly taken the Internet by storm! So where exactly does all this inspiration to create all these edgy and creative little macaroons come from?

While she started out baking cakes for fun, she found herself truly challenged when it came to the art of macaroons – both the taste and the aesthetics. In fact, everything all started when she was trying to make a batch of macaroons and they all started to crack. Rather than get frustrated with a “failed attempt”, she decided to use broken desserts and make some art with it. “I get my inspiration from daily life. I don’t search for it… I only bake stuff when I have an idea, and time and energy to realize it,” Keller shared with Vice. How inspiring!

Keller was one of those tenacious people who used her time in quarantine to enhance her skills in the kitchen, as well as, express her perspective through art. Check out these hilarious and adorable little toilet paper macaroons! And for even more of her amazing creations, visit her Instagram kims_bachstuebli.