Hilla Shamia’s Furniture’s Inspired By the Joy of Nature

Tel Aviv based artist Hilla Shamia’s inspired by all things nature. Her industrial-style furniture connects wood and aluminum. She creates her consoles, benches, and stools through a process of pouring hot metal into leg molds that surround the organic material to preserve the wood’s shape and texture.

Inspired by the joy of nature she wanted to create a product that hasn’t been seen before, “Nature has paths and things get stuck along the way. I wanted to do the same with wood, to take it and do something to it that’s never been done,” she told The Times of Israel.

She uses raw cypress and eucalyptus and to ensure that the wood is smooth she fills in the gaps and divets. The black boundary between the raw wooden logs and silvery aluminum is created from the burning of the molten aluminum on the surface of the raw wood.

“We focus on material research and development of forms, while drawing inspiration from the process of time and the supposed imperfections found in nature,” Shamia told Colossal. Her collection fuses the wood with cool metal for functional pieces, that make wonderful statements to any room.

You can find more of her collection below.