“Can’t Wait to Walk Down the Aisle” is Our Favorite Lockdown Meme

We all know the phrase “I can’t wait to walk down the aisle”. It’s usually said by excited brides in the midst of planning their dream wedding, or by young children fantasizing about one day growing up and falling in Hollywood movie-style love.

We are totally here for people’s wedding dreams, but thanks to the recent weeks of lockdown, this dreamy phrase has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s not weddings and nuptials people are looking forward to these days—it’s simply just being able to leave the house.

Never mind planning your dream destination wedding—imagine just being able to get on a plane in the first place! Such a closely packed non-social distancing mode of transport, or really just being able to go somewhere at all, is pretty much everyone on the internet’s greatest ambition right now.

Just a trip to the shops is really the date we are all saving—if any of us had any idea when that date might be. 2021? 2022? Whatever, it’s not like we are going to be busy.

A trip to the cinema! Imagine! Although, we don’t really need any more movie fixes right now, seeing as most of us have watched everything in existence on Netflix in the last few weeks. Plus, our everyday lives are pretty much an over-the-top adaptation of Contagion anyway. We don’t know when we’ll make it down any kind of aisle in the near future, but hey, we can dream.