The “Pillow Challenge” is Taking Over Our Lives in Lockdown, and We’re So Here For It

What with everyone stuck at home and social distancing for the near future, we’re all having to find pretty creative ways to stay sane and keep ourselves occupied. Enter Instagram phenomenon the “pillow challenge”, where social media users post their funniest and silliest ways of making an outfit out of pillows. Yes, you heard that right.

You won’t believe just how far some people took this challenge—becoming a viral meme that will stay with us all long after lockdown has passed.

People are really pushing the creative boundaries with the most amazing and quite frankly artful pillow-clothing creations. You wouldn’t think you could really have that much variation with just strapping a pillow to yourself, but look at these soft-furnished fashionistas! Look at this fab pair, perfectly matched in what can only be described as high-fashion pillow couture.

This mom-and daughter team are complimenting each other brilliantly with their pillow pastels—now that’s what we call quarantine chic! These pillow outfits are more than just meeting the challenge—they’re fashion goals for all of us.

And it’s not just the women of Instagram who are getting in on the high-fashion fun—the men of quarantine are getting their pillow act on too. We are simply in awe in some of the weird, wonderful and wacky outfits that have been created in honor of this iconic hashtag. Thank you, internet, for this gift.