Muhammed Sajid’s Vivid Illustrations Celebrate the Culture of Kerala, India 

Muhammed Sajid is a digital artist who creates vivid illustrations filled with details and mesmerizing colors. Inspiration for these works almost always comes from the same place: Sajid’s home of Kerala, India.

Through his works, Sajid aims to showcase the beauty of Kerala, its people, and the rich culture of the region. The illustrations pack figures, objects, patterns, and specific garments that are deeply rooted in Kerala’s history. These are all the things Sajid was exposed to while growing up, and they became deeply rooted in his mind.

All of Sajid’s illustrations inspired by the region he grew up in are now part of the ever-growing series Folks from Kerala.

“Some of the pieces that I had done in that series show people who are familiar folks and faces from the village,” he says. “I felt that no one gave much attention to how simple and beautiful their lives were.”

Sajid, who is currently based in Bangalore, shares his newest illustrations on social media, including Instagram. His works have also been exhibited in his native India, and he is gearing up to present some of them at Galerie Kurokama in Paris, France, in 2024.

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