New LEGO Set Allows You to Build Your Family Tree

LEGO is turning another fan set into a reality. The toymaker announced the release of the Family Tree set, submitted to its LEGO Ideas program, which allows LEGO enthusiast to build their family tree out of bricks.

The set consists of the brick tree that has 16 hanging holders on which you can hang miniature family photos. The tree is resting on a base that can be covered with flower or grass elements. The base has a hidden compartment with various figurines, ranging from binoculars and a kite to food elements, which can be used to give the tree a personal touch.

Family Tree set was conceived by LEGO Ideas user Bulldoozer, who took inspiration from a tree-like mural their family built.

“Our tree started out as a fun, little project that got everyone in our clan to contribute pictures,” said Bulldoozer. “Over time, it has grown and sprouted new branches with each new member. It has become a ‘living’ map of our ancestry and the stories we share with our kids and grandkids  … ‘Your Family Tree’ will give you and your loved ones the perfect canvas to build, map, and grow your own tree.”

Family Tree set is already available for pre-order on LEGO’s official website. It comes with a price tag of $79.99.

LEGO Ideas is a program set up by LEGO in which users submit their own set of ideas. If the ideas get enough likes from the community, they then undergo an extensive review from the company and, if approved, get a limited release.