Madi Young Creates Cool Custom Sneaker Art

Sneakers can be a great way to express yourself and share your interest with the rest of the world without having to say a word. Unfortunately, sneaker companies tend to be conservative with their designs, forcing sneaker enthusiasts to turn to the artist for custom designs and unique kicks.

One artist that does a particularly good job at helping sneakerheads to get a pair of sneakers that fit their personality is Madi Young. The Ontario, Canada native creates all sorts of cool sneaker art inspired by anime, superheroes, sports, and much more.

While customizing sneakers is her expertise, Young is successful in various other art projects. She is also customizing video game controllers and does hyperrealistic art that earned her 60K followers on TikTok. 

“I love applying my creativity to painting everything I do, whether it be painting a canvas or customizing a pair of wheelchair wheels,“ she shares on her website.

Young has a shop on her website, where internet users can browse her custom sneakers and artwork and purchase them. She also regularly shares her newest creations on TikTok and Instagram. Continue scrolling to check out some of our favorite custom sneakers she has done so far.