This Artist Salvages Discarded Surfboards and Turns Them Into Pieces of Art

Did you ever wonder what happens to the old surfboards that can’t handle the waves anymore? Probably not, but let us tell you, it usually isn’t a happy ending. They mostly end up in landfills or are discarded in some other way. Now, one artist is on a mission to change this and give old surfboards a deserving retirement. 

Claire Marie, an artist based in Perth, Western Australia, is salvaging discarded surfboards and turning them into pieces of art. She uses the boards as a canvas on which she creates beautiful acrylic paintings. Her artworks focus on the sea, showing waves, beaches, and marine life in their full glory.

“I’m passionate about the environment and sustainability, and by saving old surfboards from landfill I am managing to combine my passion for reducing waste with my art and my love of all things to do with the ocean,” she explains.

Marie’s devotion doesn’t end here. She also plants one tree in Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor for every artwork she makes. That’s a true passion for the environment if you ask us.

So far, Claire Marie’s surfboard artworks have made rounds in galleries and exhibit spaces across Australia. You can also check them out on her official social media profiles.