This Cool Mobile Game is Based on Typography

We love when video games and art meet together. It allows us to have a fun time while also enjoying great visuals. One game that really embraces this concept is Alphaputt.

Developed by Sennep Games, Alphaputt combines typography and mini golf. The iOS mobile game allows players to go through beautifully designed courses, each based on a single word of the alphabet.

For example, the course for the letter “A” is not only shaped like this letter but also designed as an airport. The course for the letter “B” is a basketball court while the letter “K” is designed to mimic the keytar.

The typography designs are complemented with all sorts of quirky additions that make the levels quite challenging. You will encounter UFOs, bouncing basketballs, fire rings, spinning records, and more features that aim to stop you from getting the golf ball in the hole.

The alphabet theme translates to the way you play the game as well. You can choose to start with the “A” course and make a run throughout the entire alphabet. The second way is to type in a certain word and then play the courses that correspond to the letters that make up that word.

Alphaputt is available on AppleStore for iPhone and iPad devices. Check out all the levels from the game in the video below.