Jben’s Large-Scale Beach Art is Stunning

Jehan-Benjamin Tarain, better known as Jben, is a French artist who creates large-scale beach art. His stunning works range from complex geometrical patterns to landscape drawings and portraits of animals and sea creatures.

Jben got introduced to beach art in 2014 when he discovered the works of some notable artists on the internet. He decided to give it a try, and it soon became a passion for him. Thanks to his previous experience in sand and snow sculpture, he quickly mastered basic techniques and started creating impressive pieces.

Since then, Jben has been producing beach art on beaches around the world and sharing them with his social media followers. He has also collaborated with various high-profile brands, who commissioned him to produce beach art for them.

Jben’s works are short-lived, lasting only until the first tide washes them away. However, the artist doesn’t spend too much time mourning the disappearance of his hard work.

“Beyond the pleasure of the finished work, the creative process in nature has also become a need, like a desire to reconnect,“ he shares on his website.