Liz Joy’s Treats Are Too Fashionable to Be Eaten

Liz Joy is an award-winning dessert designer that creates some of the most aesthetically pleasing treats you can imagine. Her desserts are a perfect recipe for self-conflict, as part of you wants to eat them, but the other part thinks it would be a shame to destroy a sweet masterpiece like that.

It’s the same thing with Joy’s most recent series of treats that are inspired by fashion. She creates dresses, skirts, accessories, and even full outfits that can be eaten. Imagine munching on a frosting handbag or a watch that is actually a cookie. Sounds awesome, right? Well, it looks even better.

It didn’t take long before big fashion companies spotted Joy’s works and started offering her collaborations. She then teamed up with numerous high-profile brands to create fashion edibles, including Christian Louboutin and Gucci.

“A lot of my designs are inspired by fashion, beauty, and pop culture—any items or images I come across that catch my eye and spark my interest. It’s so much fun to deconstruct those items and ideas and rebuild them in an edible format,” Joy shared in a recent interview with My Modern Met.

As part of the interview, Joy also revealed the way she makes her fashionable treats. According to her, everything starts with cookie dough. She cuts the shape of the item from cookie dough and then bakes it. After that, she decorates the piece using frosting, edible paint, and marshmallow fondant.