Green & Gold Ceramics’ Vases Are So Tiny, You’ll Have to Look Twice

Miniature art experienced a huge boom in the past few years, especially in the world of pottery and ceramics. Numerous artists on Instagram found viral fame thanks to their miniature creations, and Green & Gold Ceramics is one of them.

Launched by a British ceramic maker named Jen, this brand is based in Broadstairs, Kent. She mostly specializes in handmaking the tiniest vases that you’ll ever come across, which attracted over 10,000 followers to her Instagram in the past two years.

Jen fell in love with clay during her twenties and she’s been making it ever since. She believes that pottery offers infinite ways to enhance your life and home, always trying to focus on making ceramics that catch her imagination and that I she’d d like to have in her own home.

Whether it’s your favorite mug or a special vase holding flowers from your loved ones, Jen believes all pottery items have the power to become treasured ornaments in your home. That’s certainly the case with her miniature vases, and they’re so tiny that you’ll have to look twice.

Jen handmakes each vase on a miniature potter’s wheel, using either stoneware, porcelain, or earthenware. They’re between 1cm and 2.5 cm tall and can be bought as a set or on their own.