Chilean Artist Creates Paintings Filled With Surreal and Dreamlike Scenes

At first glance, the works of Chilean artist Guillermo Lorca look like paintings done by a classic Baroque master painter. The deep colors and intense play of the light and dark immediately reminds you of Rembrandt or Rubens. However, once you take a deeper look, you realize its contemporary art dressed like Baroque.

While following the visual style of Baroque, Lorca deviates from this art movement in the subjects and scenes he portrays in his artworks. Most of the time, his paintings feature surreal and dreamlike scenes that remind us of things nightmares are made of.

For example, in his painting “Casita de dulce” (Candy House), Lorca paints a little girl that is standing in the middle of a room filled with what seems to be corpses. “The Eternal Life,” on the other hand, paints a scene that appears calm at first but becomes more dramatic the longer you look at it.

In a recent interview with Couer et Art, Lorca said that the goal of his art is to trigger different emotions in viewers, including beauty, fear, and affection.

“All paintings mean something important to me; they are a kind of diary of my psychic life, and that gives a symbolic meaning to my life,” he added.

You can check out more of Lorca’s amazing works below.