Fields of Flowers Burst From Objects in These Stunning Animations

Imagine what would happen if nature decided to take over everything that humans now claim as theirs. If you can’t really wrap your head around this scenario, the works of New York City-based artist Shane Griffin aka Grif might help you.

Grif presented his vision of nature’s takeover through a series of animated clips titled Equinox Collection. The short animations open with peaceful scenery that includes buildings, cars, and paintings. Then, out of the blue, fields of flowers burst from these objects and cover them completely.

According to the artist, these works are meant to show the strength of nature and how its energy will continue to “evolve, reclaim, and transfer” regardless of human presence.

“The Equinox Collection presents surrealist depictions of the everyday as it is overtaken by nature. An invisible catalyst moves through each piece—a transfer of natural energy that pollinates each environment, reimagining it as an expansive floral tapestry,” says Grif about the project.

Grif is a well-known name in the art world. This talented individual works in various mediums, ranging from sculpture to animation and has collaborated with high-profile names like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams while also doing commission work for brands like Apple and Nike.

Check out more of Equinox Collection below.