Fleur Woods’ Floral Embroidery is a Burst of Summer

Fleur Woods’ stitched paintings are in full bloom. Inspired by her surroundings, she uses fabric, gouache, and embroidery to create stunning pieces of embroidery that are adorned with plants and flowers.

Based in the rural village of Upper Moutere, in New Zealand, Woods’ home is surrounded by vineyards, orchards, and country gardens, making for the ultimate artistic setting.

Partly trained and mostly self-taught, she has learned her craft through the work itself. “Coming to stitch as a mixed media artist I have taught myself a variety of embroidery techniques which probably don’t follow traditional embroidery guides but work for the kind of mark making I enjoy creating,” she writes on her website.

“Stitched Paintings is the term I use to describe my style of work,” she adds. “The process flows like this: I paint blank pieces of linen in abstract washes then add botanical, illustrative details in with acrylic paint or gouache or ink, finally I add texture through stitch.”

Her completed works deserve a closer look.