Felipe Pantone Designed a Pixelated Rainbow Swimming Pool Using 130,000 Glass Tiles

Argentine-Spanish contemporary artist Felipe Pantone is known in the art world for the use of bold colors, gradients, and geometrical shapes in his works. Pantone is no stranger to incorporating his unique style in all sorts of projects, but the one that really caught our attention is the residential swimming pool he recently designed in Javea, Spain.

Pantone used around 130,000 colorful glass tiles from the Spanish glass mosaic brand ONIX to cover the bottom and sides of the pool. He used white, red, yellow, and various shades of blue, and placed them in strategic places so the movement of the water and sunlight create the optical illusion of a pixelated rainbow.

This resulted in a one-of-a-kind swimming pool that everyone would like to take a dip in.

According to Pantone, with this intriguing project, called Chromadynamica Pool, he wanted to create “an effect that had never been seen in a pool before: an underwater design that focuses on the light.”

“The colors from the diffracted light submerged in the reflections of the water,” the artist added. “I love the contrast it forms with the rest of the house, with its clean-cut forms, as well as with the views and the setting,”