AI Reimagines “The Lord of the Rings” Trilogy as Wes Anderson-Directed Movies

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is considered one of the most epic film series ever made thanks to the amazing source material, a talented cast, and the vision of director Peter Jackson. But online creators from Curious Refuge couldn’t help but wonder how these movies would turn out if they were directed by Wes Anderson and starred different actors.

Using artificial intelligence, Curious Refuge reimagined the Lord of the Rings trilogy as Wes Anderson-directed movies. This version, titled The Whimsical Fellowship, features some of Anderson’s signature visual style and camera work while employing several of his frequent collaborators in main roles.

Anderson’s Lord of the Rings film adaptations features a cast that includes Timothée Chalamet as Frodo, Bill Murray as Gandalf, Tilda Swinton as Galadriel, Edward Norton as Aragorn, Adrian Brody as Legolas, Jeff Goldblum as Elrond, Willem Dafoe as Smeagol and Owen Wilson as  Sauron.

“From the quaint and idyllic Shire to the majestic and intricate architecture of Rivendell, “The Whimsical Fellowship” pays homage to both the beloved Lord of the Rings trilogy and Anderson’s iconic filmography,” said Curious Refuge about the project.

Check out the full trailer for The Whimsical Fellowship below and see how different Lord of the Rings movies might have turned out if Anderson had been behind the camera.